Which could mining to choose?

Which cloud mining to choose and why I recommend Hashflare?

We need to be careful with cloud mining investment.
Unfortunately many websites are pure scam and the reputation of cloud mining has been affected by that.
However two operators, Hashflare and Genesis Mining, have been offering contracts for several years, so there is enough existence to verify that they are operating real services.
Genesis mining has a good reputation, but their contract are actually out of stock, it was created in 2013 by a by 27-year-old Marco Streng, more information on Forbes : https://www.forbes.com/sites/julianmitchell/2016/12/15/meet-the-27-year-old-mathemetician-building-a-bitcoin-empire/#21a7cdf51d74

Let’s make some research about Hashflare :

hashflare whois
hashflare whois

The domain name was firstly booked in December 2014 and it is owned by Sergei Potapenko and the organization Hashcoins OU.
Their company website is https://www.hashcoins.com and you can get an objective description of their services on https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/HashCoins.
The information below are extracted from their bitcoin.it page :
HashCoins OÜ is an Estonian company manufacturing ASIC-based cryptocurrency mining equipment, with the goal of providing the average investor with the ability to participate in the digital currency economy. It is operated by at least six individuals.
The company was founded in 2013 by Sergei Potapenko. HashCoins stated that since founding the company the team has grown from 5 to 12 people and additional contract workers. The company claims to having issues with suppliers in 2014 which caused interruptions in shipment.
Since January 2015 HashCoins also offers its customers an opportunity to join the world of cryptocurrency mining and earn Bitcoin without significant investment in the specialized mining hardware. The name of the new service is HashFlare.io
Cloud Mining offers a unique option for mining with a low cost of entry as well as minimal risk and expense, which is opposite to traditional models of mining that involve procurement, maintenance and configuration of highly specialized equipment.
Customers can purchase SHA-256, Scrypt or Scrypt-N hashing power. With no set contract length, fixed electricity fees and full support / maintenance included, users can connect instantly and start earning cryptocurrency from day one. HashCoins guarantees 99% uptime and enable users to monitor their mining stats in real time on the web. With hashrates starting from as little as 10 GH/s, Hashflare offer users who do not wish to invest thousands of dollars a way to mine cryptocurrency from the comfort of their own home.
The company has been created in 2013, they have been making and selling miner and they start the cloud mining branch in 2015.
You can find a lot of negative review online on the fact that they reduced the old contract which was a lifetime contract into a one year contract.
For me it proves that they had to take a solution for keep their company running. If they were scammer they will simply keep the fund and run away. As clients of Hashflare we need to move on regarding this decision, in one year the profit is X4, which is already better than the life insurance proposed by your private banker 🙂

Let’s estimate their traffic the last 30 days : https://www.trafficestimate.com/hashflare.io
Hashflare.io has received an estimated 7,530,100 visits over the last 30 days, which is huge.traffic-estimate

Google trends is the representation of the volume of search on its search engine for one keyword, in the example below for “Hashflare”

Hashflare Google Trends
Hashflare Google Trends

We can see in this graph that between November and December 2017 the interest for Hashflare in Google has been multiplied by 10.
This is showing the increase of the interest for this cloud mining service.
It is a great opportunity of investment with high ROI, create your account before that the contract becomes out of stock, like it happened to Genesis…